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A fab body painting shoot, yay!!!

I got to model for a super body painting shoot in Sonia's bathroom today (we've worked out it makes a rather cool venue for body painting in lieu of getting the little front bedroom sorted).

The body painter was a lady called Jo Sykes, http://www.transformations-bodyart.co.uk/ who is one of my friends on Facebook, and had also posted on Salon Guinea Pig, http://www.salonguineapig.co.uk/ (one of my pet projects lol) that she was after models for body painting - so we arranged a shoot for today in Shrewsbury at our place (we were initially thinking of booking studio space at DASh - Disability Arts in Shropshire - but their studio space wasn't available today).

Pics are already up at http://www.bodypaintmodel.co.uk/pink-corset-shoot.html (a new website that I set up earlier this week, although I've had the domain for quite a few years now) - have a look at the rest of the website too, http://www.bodypaintmodel.co.uk/

It was also a fab opportunity for Sonia to do some photography - even better that it was in her downstairs bathroom so she was able to come in and take the pics.

That's the first body paint I have modelled for since August 2008, when I sang "I'm Too Sexy" in body paint at my friend Vanessa's photographic exhibition at The Camera Club in London, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oAk7f-_osQ - and I'm hoping that 2010 will be a totally fab year for body painting now...


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12th Feb, 2010 23:51 (UTC)
How fun. You have so much more confidence than me, I'd never dare be painted.
13th Feb, 2010 01:53 (UTC)
Awesome! :)
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