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I should really post more on here!

Wow, doesn't time fly!!!

It's nearly 3 months since my last IT contract ended (and wasn't it ever a stressy one); since then I've been attempting to get a business off the ground doing web design and salon software (I'm currently in the process of designing an online salon management system called "Salon Alchemy", http://www.salonalchemy.co.uk/") - consequently I've been working like a mad thing for most of the time!!!

But thankfully Sonia's bladder op (which took place at the beginning of October) was a resounding success, and did exactly what it said on the tin (took her bladder out and got rid of the primary cause of most of the pain she was having); alas she still has pain from arthritis etc though, so she's not entirely pain-free, in fact far from it, but at least the bladder has gone so she has been able to cut down on her painkillers and has a fair bit more energy since before her operation.

We've also had a ceiling track hoist installed in the lounge, which has made it much easier for her to transfer between the sofa and her wheelchair (I had to pay for it personally - long story - but we would have had a long wait dealing with bureaucracy to get social services to pay for it)...

So at the moment, I'm working like a mad thing and hoping I'll get enough work in doing the web stuff to mean that I don't need to return to contract work (which will save a lot of driving and stress) and mean I'll be able to spend a lot more time with Sonia and help her out during the daytime too.


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24th Jan, 2010 23:22 (UTC)
Nice to see you again, and to hear some good news from the other side of the pond! :) Hope the system works out!
24th Jan, 2010 23:51 (UTC)
Thanks Guy :)

Well, hopefully we'll get some more money coming in soon, as December was dire! January's not doing so bad so far though (touch wood) and hopefully February will speed up too.

Have got a system working for online shops now, so am just making some tweaks to that - one of my customers is setting up an online jewellery shop (they make Celtic jewellery from a workshop at home) - so hopefully that will be up and running over the next few days...
26th Jan, 2010 05:45 (UTC)
Glad to hear it!
4th Feb, 2010 23:43 (UTC)
Thank you :)
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