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Ruth's Rambles

Aka The journal of a Geek

30 March 1974
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I'm a bisexual polyamorous submissive transvestite geek and live in Shrewsbury with my beautiful wife bi_dancer13 and our St Bernard dog, Pug dog, "miniature Irish wolfhound", six cats, chipmunk and hamster.

One of my biggest passions is body painting - both as an artist and (especially) as a model. I'm always happy to model for people who want to have a go at body painting, henna, etc, and I have a particular thing for being drawn on/written on with Magic Marker, LOL...

Incidentally, it was I who gave the world that unique rendition of Spiderman, and may it live long and shatter your illusion from the movies! Yes it's true - anyone can be a superhero even if they don't look like the advertisers' idea of a supermodel! I also run the bodypaint community on LJ, so please join if you are interested in body painting :-)

My other big passion is music. When I get the chance, I compose romantic New Age music for flute, piano and synthesizer. I also like to listen to a wide range of music, from classical to techno!

I am also passionate about green issues and peace.

I'm very much a girly boi when I get the chance, and love dressing up and wearing make-up. I even experimented with living as a woman full-time during my final year at Oxford, although decided in the end that it was far easier being a bloke for work, and dressing girlie in my spare time. Since there are aspects of both the masculine and the feminine in me, this works really well, so although sometimes I'm called Rick and at other times called Ruth, I'm really the same person all the same ;)

I'm so lucky to be with bi_dancer13, as she has a particular liking for girlie boys, as well as being my dream lover and practically perfect in every way ;)

I work in IT. I also run a Linux server from my back bedroom which hosts my body painting website amongst others...

naughtygirl.org.uk is my transvestite modelling website with lots of nice girlie pics of me including some in body paint :)

I married bi_dancer13 at marry_a_ljuser :)

Bisexuality is Real.

Most of the interesting stuff in my journal is Friends Only now (apart from the occasional quiz meme or bad joke), so please let me know if you would like me to add you to my friends list...
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